Quick Fuel CFM 570 Brawler Diecast Series Carburetors

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Quick Fuel Brawler Diecast Series Carburetors CFM 570
These Quick Fuel Brawler Diecast Series carburetors come with the latest technology in air/fuel calibrations for today's street engine demands. They are made from lightweight diecast aluminum components and are available in both vacuum and mechanical secondary configurations. They offer all of the tunability and options that you would find from more expensive carburetors in the market, including a beautiful appearance, electric choke, and four-corner idle adjustment on all mechanical secondary models. Quick Fuel Brawler Diecast Series carburetors are available in sizes from 570 to 770 cfm to match your engine needs and have dual inlet fuel bowls with sight glass windows for safe and easy float adjustments.

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