Tower Truss Support Brace Set 65-70 Mustang

Tower Truss Support Brace Set 65-70 Mustang

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Our multi-stage shock tower bracing system improves overall vehicle handling performance by greatly reducing chassis flex forward of the firewall. The system is made up of three separate component groups; the export brace, fender Monte Carlo brace, and truss braces. Installed individually each makes a marked improvement to the stability of the firewall-inner-fender structure. Used collectively, a triangulated bracing structure is created securing key chassis dimensions.

A desirable strength-to-weight ratio was achieved using aluminum wherever possible. Mounting brackets are machined from 1/4” thick 6061-T6 aluminum, then clear anodized to resist oxidization. All bracing rods are also 6061-T6 tubular aluminum. Tubing ends are swedged to increase wall thickness and strength at the threaded ends. Lightweight mild-steel rod ends provide an adjustable attachment method and ensure a perfect fit for every installation.

A simple analogy of how the complete system works is a common cardboardshoebox to simulate the engine bay. Without the top the box is flimsy and opposite corners can be pushed toward each other. With the top on the box, the diagonals are secured and the entire structure is significantly more stable.


  • Reduces chassis deflection throughout firewal-inner-fender area
  • Lightweight, tubular aluminum construction
  • Primarily uses existing factory mounting locations
  • Easily removable bracing rods allow engine compartment access
  • Adjustable length rods for individualized fit