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All Purpose Cleaner - Heavy Duty Degreaser

All Purpose Cleaner - Heavy Duty Degreaser

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Our plastic, rubber, and paint-safe degreaser will safely remove all grime, grease, dirt, road film, and stains. All-purpose Cleaner is safe and effective to use on all surfaces. This product is versatile enough to cut even the toughest grease but can be diluted by up to 90% for cleaning more delicate surfaces inside a vehicle. This all-purpose cleaner can be used as a panel prep as it will remove any polishing oils, wax, or other substances left on the surface after paint correction has been performed.

This heavy-duty degreaser will penetrate and remove most waxes, sealants, and ceramics without damaging rubbers, plastics, or clear coats.

  • Full-strength, Heavy-duty formula
  • Safe for use on glass, rubber, chrome, aluminum, plastic and more
  • Safe on clear coat & single stage paint
  • Washes away bugs, dirt, tar, and heavy grime
  • The perfect pre-coating prep/wash

500Ml Bottle

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