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Hydroboost brake booster

Hydroboost brake booster

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Most 5 lug and larger vehicles produce more than a 1,000 pounds of pressure in the power steering system, the Hydro-Boost taps into this rather than the 15 pounds of vacuum that you hope to get from your engine manifold. Big camshafts and other engine modifications rob vacuum, and diesels don't make vacuum at all. The Hydro-Boost is more powerful overall, and does not depend on manifold vacuum, so it is great for vehicles that have a high performance engine, diesel engine, tall tires, tow a trailer, or are just heavy. The Hydro-Boost should provide an impressive increase in power with your stock pump, but power steering pumps can be modified as well to produce more pressure, which gives you room to get even more braking and steering assist, when using the Hydro-Boost, if you are left wanting more.

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